Design Barcode

Highly stylized, functional barcodes

What's Notable

  • Transforms the mundane barcode on a product's packaging in to a brand communication tool.
  • Barcodes are fully functional and go through a rigorous testing process
  • Both pre-designed and custom designs available
  • Winner of the 2006 Titanium Lion Award at the Cannes International Advertising Festival


Custom Designed Barcodes

  1. Custom designs are created in consultation with the Design Barcode team
  2. Each barcode is designed to best fit the brand / product's communication goals
  3. Each barcode is carefully designed to ensure scan-ability
  4. Barcodes can be created using an existing barcode product number

Pre-made Designs

  1. The Design Barcode team has a library of ready-made designs that can be used immediately
  2. All pre-made designs have been tested for scan-ability

Barcode Testing

  1. All barcodes go through Design Barcode's unique error prevention system
  2. Design Barcode works with the Sato Corporation - a company specializing in barcode printing and reading devices
  3. Barcodes go through rigorous testing before being released for printing

The History

  • In 2004, the founders of the Design Barcode team asked themselves "Why has the barcode never changed?"
  • After studying barcode technology standards, Design Barcode developed a process for adding a design layer to the barcode, without affecting it's functionality
  • The first Design Barcode was developed in 2005, for Japanese drink maker Suntory's Amino and Catechin formula drinks
  • Design Barcode's book - Barcode Revolution - was also released with the launch of the first design barcodes
  • Design Barcode wins the Good Design Award in 2005
  • Design Barcode wins the Cannes Titanium Lion Award in 2006


  • Good Design Award, Communication Design, 2005
  • Cannes Titanium Lion Award, 2006

Design Barcode

Tokyo, Japan


Minimum order:

Supply time:
Approximately 4 weeks of production time for a custom design.
Approximately 2 weeks of production time for pre-made designs.


Please contact for details on pricing.


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