HAKU only uses Japanese tanned leather which has not been treated with the harsh chemicals that can damage the quality of the leather.

Insole & Midsole

The insoles and the midsoles put together are approximately 6mm thick and are made of leather which enables them to better mold to the wearer's foot.


The filler is made of cork and is approximately 5mm thick which absorbs the shock to the heel and legs while walking.


The outsoles is made using non-slip rubber.



HAKU uses the Mckay Process to sew the shoe together and fuse a rubber sole on. One advantage of using this process is that the rubber sole can easily be replaced once it begins to wear thin, so the same shoe can be worn again and again.


HAKU designs are not excessive and do not follow the fickle trends of fashion, but are simple, clean and are of high-quality.


Handmade leather shoes & boots from Japan

HAKU is a high-end handmade shoe brand from Japan. Each shoe is carefully made by hand from natural Japanese leather by skilled craftsman Kentaro Kitamura. HAKU shoes are meant to be worn as an integral part of everyday life - hence the brand name, HAKU, which literally means "wear" in Japanese.