Outer Materials

Most watches feature solid brass or stainless silver cases, with various materials used in the strap.

Mechanical Parts

· Most watches feature Seiko's quartz movement

· All parts are assembled in Japan


Handmade Craftsmanship

· JHA's artisans begin with a vision and sketch of a watch
· Samples are made, and specific parts sourced
· Artisans utilize specialized techniques involving molding, scraping, and welding to customize the mechanics within the watch to fit their envisioned design
· The watch's case is designed as envisioned by the artisan
· Finishing (for watches featuring solid brass) is applied to achieve an antique character


  • · In 1983, watch artisan Koji Shinohara established the Japan Handcraft-Watch Association as an individual venture, utilizing traditional watchmaking methods to create an entirely new direction of handmade watches.
  • · Since the establishment, Shinohara has received attention and praise within the watch making world for his highly unique style.
  • · Shinohara's focus is now on passing down his expertise to younger watch artisans and developing their careers in order to continue to supply the world with highly unique, handmade watches from Tokyo, Japan.


The Japan Handcraft-Watch Association is headquartered in the Kichijoji neighborhood of Tokyo. Aside from hand made watches, Kichijioji is also the home of numerous cartoon artists' and animators' studios, and is therefore an originator of a part of Japan's culture that is recognized around the world.


JHA watches have been (and continue to be) featured in various exhibitions in major galleries and department stores.

Japan Handcraft-Watch Association

Handmade wrist watches by Japanese artisans

The Japan Handcraft-Watch Association was originally established as a hand craft watch factory by watch artisan Koji Shinohara in 1983. Shinohara quickly gained recognition in the Japanese watch industry for his highly unique wrist watches. The Association now acts as a hub for numerous young watch artisans to develop their skills and gain attention together as an artisan group. Today, dozens of watch artisans, including Shinohara, are producing hand made watches with their independent techniques and highly unique designs.