Wagara Cutting Boards

Cutting boards with kimono inspired patterns

What's Notable

  • Patterns are not painted on - they are formed by carefully combining slices of different types of wood together
  • Can be utilized as tableware or a decorative piece
  • At 28mm thick, the board is very durable and is made to last

The Process


  • Care is taken to cut only the amount of wood that is needed. At this point, the difference between pieces of wood used is kept within 0.3mm in order to minimize waste.
  • Water resistant adhesive (approved by the U.S. FDA) is used to pressure bond the pieces of wood together.
  • Using a "kanna", a traditional Japanese hand plane, as well as mechanical tools, the cutting board is carefully shaped.
  • Finally, the cutting board is finished with a urethane coating.

The Materials


All cutting boards are made out of Hard Maple and Black Walnut

Note Kougei

Tokyo, Japan


Minimum order:

Supply time:
Approximately 1 month per cutting board. Can vary greatly based on the design.


Please contact for details on pricing.


Discovered by

Naotaka Aogaki

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  • Kai Mitsushio
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