Handmade Craftsmanship

While we produce many different items, everything is hand crafted and are therefore not meant for mass production. Rather than quantity, we believe in the importance of how each object feels to the touch when in use.

Traditional Methods

At Note Kougei, we use traditional Japanese woodworking tools to create each of our products.


At Note Kougei, we utilize different kinds of wood from around the world to create our goods. In many cases, we use very rare or hard-to-find wood, which means many goods are one of a kind. Our products don't steadily deteriorate after purchase, rather, each product ages with it's own character.


We began Note Kougei in 2011 with the purpose of having people experience Japan's traditional aesthetic and culture through interior spaces and goods.


Note Kougei goods can be found at Note Sekkei's showroom in Tokyo, Japan.


Exhibitors at Tokyo Designers Week 2004 and 2005.

Note Kougei

Modern Japanese interiors, furniture and accessories

Note Kougei is the industrial crafts ("kougei" translates to "industrial crafts" in Japanese) branch of Note Sekkei, an architecture firm focused on traditional Japanese wooden architecture. We produce home and lifestyle goods from natural wood with the aim of contributing to the richness of people's lives. Utilizing rare species of wood, all designs focus on expressing the natural beauty of the wood above all.